Tuesday, September 29, 2009


O.k. so last time I blogged , I was as happy as Larry and about to tackle one of the big scenes of the book. No sooner had I submitted the post then I realised that I had left out a chapter on one of the main characters!!! This chapter had to be written as it was intergral to the story and explained how the character got from point a to b and why he was alone. So in effect, I spent most of last night writing said chapter, which incidentally has turned out rather well.

So this week, I am finally writing that big scene! I started it yesterday and I'm pleased to say it has flowed so far. I only stopped when I came across a plot problem that I had to think upon. Anyway, this morning I worked out how to deal with said problem and am now eager to write it at lunch.

Overall mood: determined.

P.s. Just like to mention a thank you to those of you that regularly read my ramblings. In particular, Catherine who also comments on a frequent basis. I will be better at responding to comments I promise.