Saturday, September 12, 2009

Better news on the Dance of dragons book.

Another update on George R R Martin's "not a blog"

I decided to take a break from tearing and fumbling at the Meereenese knot, and completed a chapter about another character today. A character who is very far from Meereen.

Finishing the chapter felt good. Especially since it also completed that character's arc for the book. Admittedly, she has only two chapters in DANCE, so I am not sending up any flares. But hey, I'm done with one of them for the present, that's something.

Only thirty-eight more POVs to wrap up...

This makes me feel more optimistic about the book again. For the record, I think GRRM is doing a tremendous job. Yes, the book may be way overdue, but the amount of pressure the guy must be under doesn't even bear thinking about. The fact that over the last couple of months, he seems to be making more and more progress is great news.

Incidentally, I know the last couple of posts have not been about the Ritual of the stones, but from Monday I will begin writing on the book again. Yesterday, I was taking a walk with my (now) brother in law, he is one of the only people who usually shares my opinion on films, tv,  books practically everything.  Anyway, I was in a pretty inspirational mood involving the book and wanted desperately to share all of my ideas with him. Luckily, I refrained, as I am really looking forward to his opinion once I have finished. I have shown him one  chapter of my book and he has already given some useful pointers.

I can't wait for others to read my work and to hear their opinion.

Keep the gloom away.