Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On Writing - An update

Another odd week this week. Only managed to write on two days but somehow managed to hit my weekly target. On one hand this is deeply satisfying on the other hand intensely annoying. Every day that goes past without writing I feel frustrated. Not because of the lost opportunity, but because this is what I want to do.
Monday – 0 words
Tuesday – 0 words
Wednesday – 823 words
Thursday – 0 words
Friday – 1,923 words.
Total words: 2,746
Total words so far: 32,884
As you can see, Friday was a monster of a day. I knocked those words out in an hour and a half to be fair. It just goes to show if you have the right environment what you can do.
It also helps that I was in the middle of a chapter. A quick read of what I had already written and that was all I needed to get in the zone again.
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed I have lost some words from the “total words so far” count. I made the decision to get rid of the prologue I had written. It was well written but ultimately added nothing to the story. It was meant to introduce a character that I have now decided to leave out and so there was no point keeping the rest of the prologue in.
I’m really pleased with how this second book is going. It is better than the first in some respects as I am not restricted to the word count (first novels tend to have to be under 125,000 words – not always, if they are good enough they make it through). With this book though I am taking my time with the characters as opposed to only using dialogue to progress the plot and flesh out the characters as in the first book – that is a generalisation, my first book is excellent of course!!
I am on leave next week so I don’t think I will get too much writing done unless I work at midnight again. I haven’t set myself a target so anything I write will be a bonus.