Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Writing - Update

Back into the swing

So going on holiday is great but it has his drawbacks. Most notably it really disrupts the routine you have built up in your everyday life. For instance before I went away, I had nice structure that afforded me to average 500 words a day during the week.
I went on holiday with the foolish notion that I may get a chance to do some writing as well. I hadn’t expected to do much but I thought anything I managed would be a bonus. This was a laughable pipe dream as having two kids under three around a pool is no time to be engaging in heavy writing.
What I did not expect though was the fallout from the holiday. The week back at work was so pressured and busy that I never got a chance to put pen to paper. Lunch breaks didn’t exist and I was working long days to catch-up on the backlog that had built up. Sometimes I do wonder if going away is worth it!
The following week, I caught the flu and was concentrating on getting through the days with everything I had on. So before you know it, BAM! Three weeks had elapsed and I had hardly done any work on my book.  I say hardly, I managed a paltry 721 words in that time.
Last week then I was determined to get back on track and into my routine again. I’m pleased to say I did for the most part.
Monday = 473
Tuesday = 814
Wednesday = 0
Thursday = 544
Friday = 1403
Total = 3234
 A good week. Monday and Thursday were closer to my average, Tuesday was a good day and Friday was a brilliant day. Wednesday seems to be my bad day but I am working on it.