Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Writing - Update

A bit of a weird one last week. On Monday, I found myself with a spare few hours and really got in the zone to produce my highest output in a day for quite some time. Tuesday was a pleasing effort: considering I only had a limited slot, I managed to do my quota for the day. Wednesday was a no-show as I was far too busy. From then on I was off work to spend time with the family (our youngest boy turned one) and so didn’t expect to do anything, but found myself writing at midnight on Thursday just to make sure I still did something.
What is clear is I am not getting a regular time to write every day. That would be the ideal situation but as long as I keep hitting my weekly target I am happy.
The output:
Monday: 1,829
Tuesday: 526
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 1,083
Friday: 0
Total: 3,438
Total project: 30,445