Sunday, January 31, 2010

So close

Hello, hello, hello,

Yes I was hoping to be done by now, (I am turning into GRRM more every day). Unfortunately, I've been through a tough couple of weeks. The first week, my wife and I came done with the flu and this past week, our little boy got it as well.

On Monday we had exactly half an hours sleep. There was no consoling him and he had a raging temperature. We felt so sorry for him as although he was crying, it was not a whiney cry but more of a "I'm so ill, help me" type cry, that just breaks your heart. Monday night pretty much set the precedent for the rest of the week and although we managed to get a few hours of sleep on the other nights, we arrive at today seriously deprived of energy and a baby who is still ill. If I was a method writer (is there such a thing), then I could write a pretty dam good zombie novel right about now.

All has not been a total loss in terms of the novel though. I managed to write a scene in the final chapter. I am actually very pleased with it. I had a rough plan of what I wanted to write, but as soon as I began writing, the scene took on a life of its own. Before hand, I was concerned the scene would not have enough substance, but by the time I had finished it, it actually turned out to be one of the longest in the story. One for the editing process methinks.

I'm going to go now as I'm exhausted, excuse the errors in this post!!