Monday, November 9, 2009

Failed already!!

Alright, alright, I know I failed to stick to my self imposed deadline already. I didn't post on Friday and I don't have a real good reason for it either. I just didn't o.k.

To be honest, last week (as shrewdly predicted by yours truly), was one to forget. I hardly had any time to myself and trying to make time just didn't happen. However, on the positive side of things I did manage to rattle off 3,000 words. During these 3,000 words I made a bold decision. I completely changed one of the main characters. It was a hard decision because I loved the character I originally created. In terms of the consistency and all round motives of the character though I had to change him.

So much of last week, I spent procrastinating about the new character and I would go so far as to say, I love him. It makes so much more sense for the story and frees me up to do so much more with the character.

The new character has also given me some much needed impetutus to finish the novel. I have to confess, following last week and the fact that the story needs concluding and bringing together, I am starting to despair a bit as to when I am going to find the time to complete the story. Where as before, I could just sit and write a scene, now I need to make sure timeline wise and geographically all the characters are where they should be. I could really do with just taking myself away some where for a week and getting the bulk of the ending done, but that is not going to happen.

Another thing that is spurring me on is the critiques I am getting for the flash fiction piece I wrote. I have had about 10 reviews come back so far, and 9 of them have been positive. Of those 9 most have stated how much they really liked the story. It has not only encouraged me to carry on, but I have also decided to submit this piece to a magazine once I have finished Ritual.

Target words for this week: No target this week, my aim is to get my head right for the final push.