Friday, August 21, 2009

Enthused by the muse!!

As you may well know, I have previously commented on the fact that I am not one for heavy planning on my novel. However, I have always had an ending in mind for my novel. I knew when and how I want my story to end but I had no idea how to write one of the final scenes and what would happen. I just figured I would put it off until I got there. Occassionally, I would imagine the scene, but the dialogue always felt wrong.

Last night I wasn't really thinking about my novel (I was actually washing up) and then this particular scene just came to me, the dialogue started playing out in my head. It sounds cliche but the characters were actually talking themselves. I grabbed a pen and ended up scribbling out the notes and dialogue on a pad so I wouldn't forget them. An hour later the whole chapter was done, and reads pretty darn good

I read the chapter back this morning and I'm very pleased with the material. It was a tricky scene. You never know, it might completely change once the rest of the story unfolds, but for now I have something good written down.

When you read tips on writing, one of the things that always comes up, is carry a pen and pad with you everywhere. I always thought that this was a bit sad to be honest, and personally have never seen anyone scribbling away on a bus other than working on their shopping list. I type straight on to my laptop. However, this is the third time when I have been thinking about my novel and not been my laptop. I have acknowledged that the scene unfolding in my head was just too good not to be captured and have been forced to write it down. So I guess what I am trying to say is, the reason that tip keeps coming up on the writing websites and "how to" books, is because it is a bloody good one.

As far as the story goes. I've now finished the beginning of my story now and I know the end, I just need to get there. I know five things that have to happen, and 2 of those scenes I've already made copious notes on, so it is just a question of writing the chapters. For the first time this morning, (maybe it is the Friday feeling) I'm starting to actually think, I might actually complete the novel some day.


Keep the gloom away.