Tuesday, August 11, 2009

35,000 words!!!!

The title says it all really, I have hit 35,000 words on the novel. The good thing is that although I am adhereing to a rough outline, there are still plenty of new ideas flying about. Some of them, I am having to force myself to shelf and maybe include in a sequel novel (I am not that presumptious to state that I will be writing one, lets get the first one completed to begin with).

Last Thursday I was particularly happy for two reasons:

1) I was having difficulty with the order of some of my chapters and from a timeline perspective the story wasn't making sense. Last week I solved the problem by merging two chapters and chopping a scene from one and moving it to another chapter. As a result, the book now flows a lot better and this was reflected in the writing, allowing me to expand a passage I was struggling on.

2) There was one chapter where I had literally only jotted down 2 lines of a plot outline. I knew that an event must happen but I had no idea how to include it or even make it interesting. I had been putting off writing about it for ages until last Wednesday, where I was determined to have a stab at it. It turned out that the muse was on my side and I ended up writing the best material of the book so far. In two days I had written 5,000 words of good quality stuff. I was so happy about it, I wanted to tell someone, but could not think of anyone that would be overly interested, (other than just being pleased that I was pleased if you get my drift). That is why I am so pleased I have started this blog. I can write events like this down and if (heaven's forbid) I experience the dreaded writer's blog, can look through these posts and motivate myself.

I had my stag do at the weekend. It was excellent (or so I am told), I will try and put photo's up when they are developed. The lads did a good job of dressing me up in a jockey/horse combo outfit and parading me around Ascot. As a result of the subsequent recovery days, I have not even thought about writing over the weekend and so am looking forward to continue writing this week.

My there was a lot of use of bracketts in that blog!!

Thanks for reading.