Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Review - If snow hadn't fallen

If snow hadn’t fallen – S J Bolton
The Kindles are a great invention for a number of reasons, one of these is they have allowed authors the opportunity to write short novellas on a frequent basis. These are usually very cheap and allow the authors to remind their fans why they are so good and give them their “fix” whilst waiting for the next release. S J Bolton is one of my favourite finds in recent years. I was therefore pleased to find this novella on the Kindle whilst I was waiting for her next release in April.
The Blurb:
They say that snow covers everything that is mean and sordid and ugly in the world...but beneath the carpet of white, the ugliness remains.

11 November 2012, London.
Long-smouldering feelings come to a head in a burst of shocking violence. A young Muslim man is brutally murdered by a masked gang.

There is just one witness to the horrific crime: DC Lacey Flint. Or at least that's what she thinks...
This is the perfect “fix” I was talking about. It shows off everything that is good about S J Bolton’s writing: Great characters and intriguing plots. Most recently S J Bolton has commenced a series based on DC Lacey Flint. In this novella we explore Lacey’s character further. We see what makes her tick and her need to pursue cases by bending the rules and thinking outside the box. At the same time, she continues to develop from the rather insular character we first met to a more human person, willing to co-operate with others.
The plot focuses on a horrific crime that Lacey witnesses. A crime based on racial motivation. However, the progress moves too slowly for Lacey. Haunted by the fear that she could have done more to save the victim, she relentlessly pursues all avenues. It is the perfect demonstration of Lacey Flint’s need to succeed and solve the crime.
The plot itself, although a simple one, develops in an interesting direction. I’ve seen some reviews that have said they felt the story was predictable. I for one did not think so. The ending was wholly satisfying and wrapped up things nicely. As I said, a perfect fix of S J Bolton.
My rating: 8.4

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