Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Writing - An Update

I mentioned in my last update that since I was going away and the first week back at work is always manic, I didn’t think I would get any writing done. I was pleased to say I was wrong. They were not prolific weeks by any stretch of the imagination but they were productive nonetheless.
What is more pleasing is that I was writing about a new POV character. This is so much harder than writing about a character I am already familiar with and whose actions and dialogue comes naturally. The chapter takes a lot longer to do as you flesh out some of their background in your mind and then decide how much to reveal early on etc.
In this particular instance, I have not quite completed the chapter yet, but know what I need to still write. However, it has allowed me to already go back and change a previous chapter that did not quite work. In the second draft I will now add to that chapter and so the process of making the story flow will begin. Still that is all a long way off. The important thing for now is the first draft. Man I wish I had the time. Just two hours every morning.
On another note, I am quite relieved that I haven’t sent out my first novel in bulk yet for two reasons: 1) I have thought of a scene that I would like to include in order to make events in book 2 a lot clearer. It is not essential as I could have worked round it, but by adding the scene, it adds to some of the intrigue and saves a lot of exposition. 2) Voyager are accepting manuscripts unagented manuscripts at the start of October. One of their rules is that the work can’t be submitted elsewhere. It falls at the perfect time for me and allows me to concentrate on book 2, whilst I take advantage of Voyager’s generous offer.
My progress:
Week 1:
Monday - 808 words
Tuesday – 685 words
Wednesday – 0 words
Thursday – 780 words
Friday – 0 words
Sat/Sun - 0 words
Total – 2,273 words
Week 2:
Monday – 243 words
Tuesday – 0 words
Wednesday – 824 words
Thursday – 338 words
Friday – 0 words
Sat/Sun – 0 words
Total – 1,405 words
Total words book two: 46,246