Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Writing - Update

So just that two weeks have flown by. They have been a bit of a contrast as well. The first week was one of the best weeks I’ve had, I still did not manage to write everyday but I exceeded my targets.

Last week on the other hand was very poor. I was simply too busy to get anything done. Monday was a bank holiday and so I had no joy there, Tuesday was a very forced session and then the week fell apart. I had hoped to catch up on Friday but it turned out to be another extremely busy day.

This week I am on holiday with my family and the week after is set to be manic at work. I am determined to get some writing done but have my sights firmly set on a couple of weeks time to get back into the grove – you have to be realistic about these things.

Big thank you to Jacqui who is really coming good with the reviews at the moment as well, to ensure we hit the three a week target that I have set.  

The stats:

Week one:

Monday – 1,105 words
Tuesday – 0 words
Wednesday –  572 words
Thursday – 0 words
Friday – 1,325 words
Sat/Sun – Non-working

Week two:

Monday – 0 words
Tuesday – 555 words
Wednesday –  0 words
Thursday – 0 words
Friday – 197 words
Sat/Sun – Non-working

Total words for the week 1 – 3,002 words
Total words for the week 2 – 752 words

Total words book 2 – 43,320 words