Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Writing - Update

It was a good week last week. With the exception of Thursday, I managed to reach my target of 500 words every week day. It meant I completed a whole chapter in a week, which makes for better reading as that is purely what I focussed on.
I am really happy with how the book is progressing. My writing is stronger and I am enjoying exploring the characters. All of their stories are strong at this stage and so I think the reader will enjoy the pace of the book as well.
The only small concern I have is I know I need to introduce a new POV. All aspects of the story are covered except for one area. I was hoping to get away with using a wandering character to uncover what a certain Warlord was up to, but whilst this mystery is good, I fear the drip feed of information is too slow and too restricted given the magnitude of the character involved.
The question I now have is who do I use for this POV? I think I know, but I need to do a lot of thinking around their back-story. This needs to be done in the background to my time I spend writing so as to not affect my output.
Anyway, since none of you have read book one yet, all of the above must comes across as rather vague.
The stats:
Monday – 707 words
Tuesday – 719 words
Wednesday –  825 words
Thursday – 0 words
Friday – 1,128 words
Sat/Sun – Non-working
Total words for the week – 3,379 words
Total words book 2 – 39,566 words