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Book Review - Linda Welsh (JS)

Along Came a Demon by Linda Welsh
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Review by Jacqui Slaney

What would you do if you could see the dead, chat to them and hold normal conversations?  A bit Sixth Sense?
This is the description that caught my eye:

I am told the dead are all around us. I would not know about that, I see only the violently slain. They can be victims of hit-and-run, innocents caught in a crossfire, the murdered. They whisper to me and they never, ever, forget the face of their killer. I have learned to live with my uncanny ability; in fact I've made a career out of it. The departed are not the only supernatural’s I see. No, they are not vampires, werewolves, or fae - those things do not exist. We live side by side with what some call the Otherworldly. That is too much of a mouthful for me, I call them demons. If you saw them as I do, you would know why.
Right now, I am trying to track down a missing six year-old boy whose mother was murdered. Or maybe she was not. To further complicate the case, Clarion PD gave me a partner I would rather shoot than work with.
I cannot tell them he is a demon.
They would think I am crazy.
I am Tiff Banks. Welcome to my world.

This is a different type of book; it is a mixture of crime, romance and a touch of horror. The main character is Tiff Banks and as mentioned in the description above, she sees the ghosts of victims of violent crime and demons! The ghosts appear where they died, show her how it happened, and are able to identify their killer. Due to her ability, she has a job as a consultant to a Police Department although they just think she is a very good psychic. On this latest case, however she is asked to help a detective who has just transferred. With one look, she sees that he is a demon and that is where the story really begins.   

This is the first in a series, the story is told from Tiff’s point of view, and she is soon a character that you will really like. Although her ability could be seen as rather far-fetched, she is a believable well-rounded character. The others in the story are less so, including Royal – the detective/ demon, which is a shame, as he is quite an interesting character, but this does not detract from the story at all, as there is plenty of action. The two ghosts that live with Tiff in her house are excellent as well and they have some great dialogue.

The story is well written and keeps you intrigued, so you need to read on to find out what is going to happen next and the ending is well handled. The sexual tension that is cleverly developed between Tiff and Royal is skilfully done, and does not get in the way of the main plot.

This is not a long story, but it is an enjoyable read with the promise of a good series behind it, and I would recommend it.

9 out of 10  

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