Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pleasing progress!

Last week I spoke about how near I was to the end of my first draft. I doubted very much I would get it finished before Christmas, but I hoped I would. This week........nothing has changed. I still do not think I will finish in time for Christmas, but I have made far more progress than I ever thought I would.

After blogging last week, I mapped out rough deadlines of when I would finish various scenes / chapters. Today, I finished a scene that I did not think I would get done until Christmas Eve. It means that I only have 8 scenes left to write. 8!!! If I get one done tomorrow, one on Monday and a final one on Tuesday, than I will happily call it a day until the New Year. (Christmas is family time after all).

I will update you next Wednesday.

Word count: 111,000