Wednesday, October 7, 2009

George updates us on Dance.

George R R Martin has updated his not a blog this morning. No he hasn't finished the book but he is definitely making progress. He states:

"Finished a Jon Snow chapter, and have just passed the 1100 page (manuscript pages, the page count in the final printed book will be different) mark on A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. That's counting only finished chapters in something close to final form. I have considerably more in partials, fragments, and roughs.

Even with just the finished portions, DANCE is now longer than A FEAST FOR CROWS and A GAME OF THRONES, and I'm closing in on A CLASH OF KINGS. I do hope I can wrap things up before I approach the 1521 page length of A STORM OF SWORDS.

Making a new run at the Meereenese knot, but maybe not tomorrow. I think I'll hang around at the Wall a bit longer, and maybe visit Winterfell."

This is excellent news, I simply cannot wait for this book. It could be still several more months until it is finished, but I think we can all safely say it is months rather than years now. Good on you sir.