Saturday, May 17, 2014

I have a new book out

Pewtory the Lesser Bard now on sale (link below)

Hello out there? Can anyone here me? It is Rob Donovan here. No, not the Rob Donovan that posts hundreds of reviews but the Rob Donovan that also started this blog to talk about his writing. Remember him? Well his back.

Okay so that was a convoluted way to say I am sorry for not posting an update for a while. So what have I been doing these past few months? The usual things most of us call life. The dog has been ill, both kids had the chicken pox, I had an operation and I was also promised a promotion that didn’t quite work out. Alongside birthdays for most of the family, first days at nursery and starting a new job I have been a tad busy.

But that does not mean I have not been productive. As you can see from the picture below, today sees the launch of Pewtory the Lesser Bard.

Remember last year when I started posting a chapter at a time on this blog with the intention of producing a serialised short story? Well that short story grew into a novella and that novella morphed into a novel. At 53,000 words it is far bigger than I had anticipated.
Having said that, I loved every minute spent with Pewtory the Lesser Bard. I found him a great character and one I might revisit one day.

What about book 2 I hear you cry?

I am still working on the first draft of the second book and it is going well. In fact I am close to finishing it. I have five chapters left to write. Normally I average about a chapter a week at the moment but with Pewtory now out of the way, this should increase. I have also spent quite a lot of time clearing up plot holes so that the book makes sense. It is far from done but I love what I have written so far. I also finally have a title for the book:

The Stones of Sorrow

I will post more updates on the Stones of Sorrow in the coming months but at over 200,000 words it is by far the biggest book I have written.

I hope you enjoy Pewtory the Lesser Bard.