Monday, August 5, 2013

First author interview

This morning sees me interviewed over at Drew Avery’s blog:

Drew Avery is a fellow self-published author of “Dead Planet Book 1 Exodus.”

He is doing his bit to raise the profiles of other self-published authors by conducting a series of interviews with them about their books and writing habits. Below is an extract:

Who, or what, inspired you to start writing?
I’ve read so many interviews where the standard response from the author has been, “I’ve always written for as long as I can remember,” the same is almost true for me. Since a very young age I used to write scenes rather than actual stories. When I was 14 I wrote a short novel called, the “Scarecrow,” it was inspired by the “Point Horror” books I was devouring at the time. My aim was to set up a rival company called “Sheer Terror.” I got it made into a book by a friend of the family, with a promotional poster and everything and then somehow passed it off as my technology coursework to get an A.
The real inspiration came from a combination of authors and sleepless nights. In the space of a few weeks I read “Speaks the Nightbird” by Robert McCammon, “Wolves of Calla” by Stephen King and “Game of Thrones,” by George R R Martin. These three are my favourite authors and all of these books made me want to write something even remotely as good as them. All three also had elements that I loved but wished the author had taken in a different direction.
My first son had just been born and my wife was extremely ill, so I was doing most of the night feeds. It was whilst feeding my boy at 3am that a scene popped into my head. On a whim I wrote it down. The next night I took it further and soon when my son woke up in the night, every time it was later than 4am, I did not bother going back to sleep but stayed up writing.
I was a zombie, but I had the writing bug.