Saturday, July 13, 2013

One week on

A week in review:

So "Ritual of the stones" went on sale a week ago and overall I have been pleasantly pleased with the amount of downloads so far.

I am slowly resisting checking the sales report on Amazon every two minutes and am concentrating on getting the book noticed as much as possible.

How am I doing this? By getting myself out there on forums and twitter without being intrusive and obvious. It is definitely not easy and is definitely out of my comfort zone. Still if I want people to know about the book, I must do it.

What has pleased me most is that whilst most of my sales have been in the UK. I did have someone from New Zealand take a chance on the book. That to me is awesome. Some complete stranger, liked what they saw enough from the cover, blurb and sample and give it a whirl. What's more they read the book in a day. What more than that, is they took the time to post a 4* review,

"The prose was clear, elegant and easy to read"

That kept me smiling for the first part of the week and then came Friday... On Friday I got another review.This one was 5*. How brilliant is that?

"This is an excellent start to what I think will be a very good series."

Cloud nine people.

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the book and supported me.