Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Cover:

So after four weeks of teasing, I am finally proud to show you the front cover of my first book. "The Ritual of the Stones."

"So that is what all those weird pictures were for!" I hear you say. So what do think? Like it, hate it? I wanted something different from the generic hooded figure on the front cover. Yes, I am aware that type of cover sells best, but I think this type of cover really pops out at you. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.

We are still on for a mid July release folks. The Proofreader will be handing their revisions into me today. I spoke to them earlier in the week and their exact wording was, "Hi Rob, I am working on it now (excellent story, by the way!) will have it back to you by Friday."

I don't know if you read that bit in brackets but it is freaking awesome.

The other image I was waiting for is also completed. This is the map of Frindoth. I will not be showing the map on the blog, that will just be a treat for those of you that buy the book.

My timetable over the next few weeks is as follows:

w/c 01st July - Nothing. I have just had an operation on my hand and typing is painful.
w/C 08th July - Run through all the changes the proofreader has made and amend the novel accordingly.
w/c 15th July - Format the novel and upload it on the Kindle. My son's birthday is the 20th July - wouldn't it be nice to launch the book on his birthday?

See you soon folk.