Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Update

First of all I want to apologise for the length of time that has elapsed since I last posted a review or update. Two weeks might not seem like long on some blogs but I try to update at least two times a week. I have been on holiday and when not working been busy working on other things which I shall come on to below.
First of all an update on Jacqui –
Jacqui is doing o.k. She has had a few further operations with more to come. She is having good days and bad days as can be expected. The strain of dealing with such a serious illness takes its toll and she is being incredibly brave.
I miss her assistance massively as you can see from the longer breaks between posts but more importantly, I wish her a speedy and healthy recovery.
Writing update:
Book 2 is progressing reasonably well. I have completed another couple of chapters since I last updated and am well into the middle of a third. The book length is now touching the 80,000 word mark which means I am on course for the self imposed deadline I have set myself.
Book 1 update:
This is what has been consuming the majority of my spare time lately. I have now received ten rejection letters, the majority of which have been your standard, polite, generic response. If you read any author interview on how they first got published, they will tell you how they were rejected over and over, at least a couple of dozen times before someone took a chance on them.
My aim has always been to be rejected at least 20 times before exploring the self-publishing route. Actually, I will re-phrase that, my aim wasn’t to get rejected, but if agents felt my work was not for them then I would explore the self-publishing route.
Due to a variety of reasons I have now decided to self-publish and have made several positive steps in that direction.
1)    I have researched and agreed a start date for a proof-reading editor (17th June). There is no way I want my book going out for public consumption with any mistakes in the text. I have read it and re-read it more times than I care to recall but I want a professional to look at it.  I briefly contemplated using a copy editor but the fees they charge are hefty. I’m not saying they are not worth it, I am just saying as highly as a value my novel, I can’t afford it. Having said that, I did send off for a free trial from a copy editor and was chuffed to pieces with the feedback I got.
2)    I have also hired a graphic designer for the cover. Earlier this week we held our second meeting where he showed me the early version of a concept we came up with. Although it was only the start of the process to say I was as giddy as a kid before Christmas was an understatement. We are looking at producing a final version of the cover around the end of June. This will nicely tie in with the proof-reading editor’s work.
What does all this mean? It means that I am aiming to self-publish my book sometime towards the end July/beginning of August. HOO HAH!!
Over the next few days I will upload some reviews I have started on but please bare with me at the moment as my focus is on producing the best book I can and getting it out there for you all.
The Ritual of the Stones will soon be upon us...