Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Writing - Update

On Writing – Update
No review today, mainly because I have fallen behind on them and I think it is unfair to delve into Jacqui’s exhaustive stock. Normal service will resume on Friday.
You may have noticed that I have not posted an update on my writing for a few weeks. That has been because progress has been painfully slow to non-existent.
Three weeks ago, I had a reasonable week. I started the week with a bang by knocking out a productive 1,128 words a day. Tuesday I found myself with a spare hour and raring to go but horror of all horrors I could not find my previous days effort.
As all writers know when this happens you go through a range of emotions: disbelief, anger, demoralisation and then sulking. I refused to believe I had lost the work especially as I was so pleased with the writing I had produced and also that it was an extremely complex part of a chapter. So for an hour and a half, I searched and I searched for the work. I knew I had saved it repeatedly the day before but man could I find the dam thing? The good news was that I could. The relief was palpable but I left myself with no time to do any new writing that day. The only other writing I managed to do that week was on Thursday where I rattled off another 1,019 words.
So all was going o.k. but then I came down with a virus. Unfortunately it was a sickness and diarrhoea bug that lasted 8 days. By the end of it I was half a stone lighter and exhausted. I was also behind on my work which was a disaster in itself as we are currently in our busiest period.
I then spent most of last week catching up and working ridiculous hours in order to do so. That is not to say I did not do anything. Voyager had opened their doors to unsolicited submissions and I put all my spare time into polishing book 1 and writing an additional scene 1,200 words that I have wanted to include for ages (more on that in a future post)
So now I back on track, I haven’t managed to do any new writing so far this week but I am determined to do something and then get back into my usual pattern by next week.