Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Writing - Update

I am writing!!

Judging from the way the readership of the blog has increased recently (we are now getting 25 views a day still minor but to a guy like me, I can’t tell you how chuffed I am), I would say that we have got the review section of the blog flowing along nicely.
However, one area that is woefully lacking is commenting on my writing. You know that small thing I started the whole blog for!! The bad news is that I have been terrible in posting regular updates on my writing. The good news is that I have been writing and writing a fair bit.
Unlike when I was writing the first book I have even less time to write these days. Back then, Although I had a newborn, I had an easy job and used to come into work early and knock out 1,000 words a day without breaking a sweat.
Now, I have two children: Joseph who is three and Jamie who is 10 months and hasn’t seemed to grasp the whole concept of sleep yet. I have also changed jobs and it is very demanding to say the least. I thrive on pressure at work, so I don’t mind too much, but I miss having the luxury of having 5 minutes to myself.
However, within the last month or so, I have found myself a nice little half hour window in which I can write on a semi regular basis. It is not nearly as much time as I want but it has got me back in the rhythm of writing daily again rather than attempting to pick up where I left off at sporadic intervals – never the best time to write and I now use that to time to post reviews or write posts like this one!!
So Monday to Friday for half an hour I have been vigorously writing away. My aim is to get 2,500 words done a week. 500 a words a day sounds easy right? In theory it should be, but sometimes those half hour slots aren’t possible.
To give an indication. Two weeks ago my words per day looked like this:
Monday = 1,024
Tuesday = 219
Wednesday = 645
Thursday = 205
Friday = 508
Total = 2,601
Not a bad week, although I sometimes used to do that in a day! However, last week was hit and miss to say the least:
Monday = 154
Tuesday = 1,644
Wednesday = 0
Thursday = 0
Friday = 506
Total = 2,304
As you can see, I was going great guns until Wednesday and Thursday happened to be days from hell at work. You can also see I take the weekends off to dedicate time with my family.
However you look at it, the positive is that the book is progressing.  I am now up to 18,733 words which is about a 6th of the way through. It is getting there, slowly and surely.
I have agreed with Jacqui (who is writing a novel too) that we would report how many words we have done each week to spur each other on. It is a sort of a friendly competition so to speak with the aim of making us write.
I will try and post updates every Tuesday. Although I am on holiday next week and so the updates won’t be regular to begin with.