Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing Jacqui

I love blogging, but for a while now, I have been aware that I am writing far more reviews about the books I have read rather than writing on the book I want to write. Lately, the momentum has shifted. I have the bug back and I have polished off for the final, final time my draft. Having lost all my hard work I have now completed the long road back and catelogued all of the background info (character's traits, descriptions, their history etc) I needed to have on hand when writing book two and I am raring to go. As I become more focussed on writing the second book, I did not want this site to suffer the two reviews a week I was doing. So....

You may have noticed that by far and away my most frequent visitor to this site is a lady that goes by the name of Catherine. Catherine struck me as someone who had similar tastes in books to me and so when I came up with an idea to utilise her talent, she was thankfully enthusiastic about my proposal to write her own reviews for the site. It turns out that Catherine is actually called Jacqui. Why the alias? Who knows. But from now on Jacqui will also be putting up reviews. The aim is for her to do one a week probably on a Friday. Sometimes we will review the same book, but that just gives you twice the opinion.

So please look out for and give a warm welcome as I introduce Jacqui!!!