Monday, October 17, 2011

Update - Writing

It’s been a while since I have commented on my writing, (thank you Catherine for badgering me!) There has been progress but not in a tangible way - let me explain.
Back in April I was at the stage where I had finished the book and had sent it out to two agents – disappointingly, neither have even acknowledged that they have received the submission. Which leads to a lot of second guessing in itself: Did they not get it? Did they get it and think it was too crap to reply? Are they still considering it?
Whatever the answer, I realise that 2 agents is far too few a number to have sent the book out too. I therefore convinced myself to set aside a day where I would identify the agents, tailor a submission to them and then approach them. Due to the arrival of our second child, going through the process of redundancy at work and a host of other issues, this day has never occurred.
I then decided to get started on book two. This was both a joy and a chore. You see, I wrote the first book on Y:Writer, a fantastic tool for keeping track of all your characters, locations and notes – That is until you lose your USB. No problem, as I had backed them up on my laptop – until it crashed.
Suddenly, I found myself in a situation where I was writing book two but having to use the search function on word to refresh my memory on who certain characters were and what they looked like. This was impractical and left me rather despondent. I knew the only answer was to go through the first book and make notes on each and every character.
Until recently, I have been putting this off and have been on hiatus. I needed a break before taking on such an undertaking.
Which brings us to the present day, as things stand, I have almost completed my character index. I have about 4 chapters left to take notes on but I don’t think I introduced any new characters in these chapters and so the process should be relatively painless.
I will then send the book out and begin again on book 2. So there you have it. The important thing to report is that I have the writing bug back now and all the tools in which to carry on.