Friday, March 18, 2011

Writing: Book 2

Hopefully next week I will write a blog about how the publishing is going and the progress I am making with the Ritual of the Stones. For now I want to talk about book 2.

If I am truthful I had a spell where I doubted whether or not I had it in me to write the sequel. Part of me recalled how much of a challenge the first book was, (especially the editing) and the rest thought I might be wasting my time. Suppose (as is most likely), nothing ever comes of this series. Book 1 never gets picked up by an agent, and then I am writing a sequel to something that will never be seen beyond a few close friends.

All writers have doubts, I am under no illusion abut that. It was not until I reached the 30,000 word mark on the first book that I began to seriously think I could complete a novel. But these doubts were a bit different. Not only did I worry about the quality of writing but I worried about the time and effort I was about to invest on something linked to a book that might never see the light of day. Should my time be better utilised writing a completely new book altogether?

I decided to take a few weeks to think about things. The break did me good. I found myself waking every day and without realising I was doing it, thinking of the plot of book 2. With each day, more ideas spawned and gradually the story arc began to form. I began to form arcs for each character, make note of key events and record little snippets of dialogue.

The ideas grew and grew until Monday morning came and I began writing. It is now Friday and I have written 1,000 words a day. Hopefully I will knock out another 1,000 today and for many more days to come and so the process begins again.