Friday, November 5, 2010

November and a change of outlook

It seems every time I write a blog about doing more frequent updates, the gap between entries actually increases. This is not intentional but is just the way things work out. What have I been doing that has delayed me from posting any updates I hear you ask? I mean surely I must have some amazing explanation as to why I have abandoned my few loyal readers (of which I am so grateful for). Maybe, I had my fingers amputated and I am typing this with my nose? Well I’m afraid I don’t have one (cue the boo’s and the hurling of rotten vegetables).

You are well within your rights to be annoyed at this. I haven’t posted because I have nothing to say in regards to any updates. I haven’t lost my passion for the novel, but I have been forced to take a bit of a hiatus. This is mainly for two very good reasons. Firstly, I have just moved house. The move has been stressful as I’m sure that many of you who have been through a similar process can identify with. Secondly, I am also in the unfortunate position that many find themselves in, in that I am facing redundancy from my job. It is not clear when it is going to happen but it will be within the next 6 months probably. I don’t know how I feel about it really. It certainly is not a good time to lose a job, but then when is? Who knows, maybe this is a sign that I should concentrate on my writing and that is the career I should go for.

So, I decided to take a brief break from the book and just get the move out the way. That is now done, I am in my new house and unpacking and loving every bit of it. Soon, I will return to the book and begin writing the second one.

This morning however, I made a decision. Whilst I was not writing on the book, I am also not updating this blog, which is a shame because I do enjoy it. I just felt that as the blog is about the Ritual of the Stones I could not stray too far from that topic – just look at the vitriolic abuse GRRM gets on his blog posts on the JETs and Giants. However, I am no where near as famous as “the fishermen guy” as my wife calls him from his profile picture and no one is anxiously waiting for the release of my next book.

Therefore from now on, I will talk about all the things that make me tick. Whether it be books I’m reading, programmes I watch or even my beloved football team (who are languishing at the bottom of the Championship at the moment). As long as I flag up in the title what the subject of the post is about, my dedicated readers can choose to read it’s content or not.

So hopefully, I will now post more regularly but rest assured, I will be working on my book very soon.