Friday, March 12, 2021

The Crystal Spear

The Crystal Spear

 It's been a while! To be honest I was going to abandon this site, it is only because I have have recently also set up a sister site about working from home entitled the Working From Home Herald that I returned to this site. I was gobsmacked at the number of views the blog still got. Gobsmacked and completely humbled. 

It also made me realise that I miss reviewing books. I can't promise that I will review as frequently as before but I will definitely be posting again in the future. 

In the meantime what have I been up to?

Well I have started writing a brand new series called the Forbidden Weapon Saga. In October last year (2020) I realised the first novel in the series (The Crystal Spear). The early reviews were very favourable and I am well and truly engaged in drafting the sequel (40,000 words as of the time of writing which equates to roughly 175 pages)

You can check it out in th
e link above:

Here is the blurb:

The Crystal Spear is a weapon so powerful that legends tell of how any warrior that carried it could single-handedly demolish entire armies. It was a story sung by bards across Merindel but nobody truly believed it…until now.

When Klayton is told by a mysterious stranger that the Crystal Spear is real and given instructions how to infiltrate the palace at Erisea to find it, he cannot resist the challenge. Naïve? Sure! Foolish? Completely. But Klayton could not have possibly known that his discovery would have deadly consequences and reveal an inexplicable bond to the weapon even the myths are unclear about.

Prince Horan had given up trying to impress his father. He has been considered a failure and a disappointment from the moment he could walk. But when the King and Queen are on a diplomatic visit to a neighbouring island and Erisea comes under attack, Horan sees an opportunity to alter the perception of his father by saving the city, without a thought of the long-term consequences of his actions.

Finally, there is the Black Shade. The most notorious pirate of the four Isles. The mere mention of his name causes men and women to anxiously glance over their shoulders. The Black Shade has heard rumours that the Crystal Spear is very real and has set his sights on obtaining it.

Merindel is about to discover that not all legends are myths, but sometimes it is better if they were.

New writing software:

I've also switched writing software. I now use Dabble as opposed to Ywriter. I loved Ywriter but Dabble gives me more flexibility and reliabilty. I will happily post about the merits of both in a future post.

What am I reading?

James Patterson's Target Cross - look out for a review soon.

Finally - It's great to be back.

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