Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Chrimbo to all

Happy holidays to all. Hope you got everything you wanted and are all as stuffed and merry as myself. In terms of an update, I decided to put all work on hold and enjoy the break. I was just too busy, with family and friends and decided to come back fresh in a couple days.

The mode seems to be for bloggers to reflect on the year and decade. I might do something like that on New Year's eve in the meantime, love to all. Rob

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pleasing progress!

Last week I spoke about how near I was to the end of my first draft. I doubted very much I would get it finished before Christmas, but I hoped I would. This week........nothing has changed. I still do not think I will finish in time for Christmas, but I have made far more progress than I ever thought I would.

After blogging last week, I mapped out rough deadlines of when I would finish various scenes / chapters. Today, I finished a scene that I did not think I would get done until Christmas Eve. It means that I only have 8 scenes left to write. 8!!! If I get one done tomorrow, one on Monday and a final one on Tuesday, than I will happily call it a day until the New Year. (Christmas is family time after all).

I will update you next Wednesday.

Word count: 111,000

Monday, December 7, 2009

Final bend.

Good afternoon all,

I'm in a reasonably optimistic mood. Last week I was struck down by a heavy cold - I can't seem to stop being ill at the moment. However, I blasted past the 100,000 word barrier (another personal milestone) and am now on the final stretch of the novel.

Over the weekend and today, I sat down and mapped out the rest of the novel in it's entirety. Sure I knew how it was going to end, but I now know exactly what is going to happen and how I am going to tie up all the various threads (or leave them hanging for the sequel).

So it is official I now have 5 chapters left to write. Or if I break it down into scenes, I now have 15 scenes left to finish. Of those 15, one will be completed today and 4 of them have been largely written in note form.

Will I get done before Christmas? I doubt it, I want to but I doubt it. On a good day (like today) I can write a complete scene in it's entirety. However, to finish before Christmas I will need 15 consecutive good days. I like to think it is possible but realistically it isn't.

The important thing is, this novel will be completed.