Thursday, July 15, 2010

July update

I have the best intentions to blog regularly (it is the only way to build up readership I know), however, I do not see the point of posting when there is nothing to update. I have contemplated talking about the fantasy world in general but that is not what this site is about. Besides there are far more competent bloggers out there that do this and they seem to have their finger magically on the pulse.

So what have I been up to? Moving house mainly. Well in the throes of moving. We have made an offer on a house which has been accepted and we have agreed an offer on ours. So it is all systems go. Unfortunately it hasn’t been as smooth as that, as we have had tremendous problems with financial advisors getting involved in the process that is nothing to do with them.

Why do I mention the move I hear you ask? (Especially as I have just opened with a paragraph stating I will not digress from the blog’s original purpose). Well simply put, the move has been consuming all of my time. From viewing houses, to showing people round ours, to completing endless solicitors forms and meeting with various brokers etc. The past month has been crazy.

Still, my book is now in the possession of none other than 5 people who are critiquing it. Better still 2 other people have already read it. These two were also the two whose opinions I was most interested in. One even read it in 2 days! Whilst it pleased me that they were so interested in the book to devour it in a couple of days, I can’t help but think, the book has taken me a year to write and someone has just consumed it in 48 hours!!

Better yet, they both seemed to really like the book. One was thoroughly impressed and has pointed out some very useful suggestions and the other (who was reluctant to read the book as he knew it would not compare to Robin Hobb, GRRM or Bernard Cornwell and didn’t want to tell me it didn’t match up to their genius), was pleasantly surprised and liked it more than they thought they would. Again, he has made some excellent suggestions.

I am still waiting for the other reviews to come in, but am currently working on inserting another chapter (which I had already made up my mind to include). There is also another scene I want to include as well. It feels good to be back in Frindoth again.

I am also 4,000 words into a short story that I am enjoying. With any luck, I can get this one published as well.

Hopefully the next update will be sooner but until then, take care.