Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In limbo

In limbo,

There is nothing worse then feeling in limbo. As things stand I have still only received two critiques back on the novel. Not that others aren’t enjoying it, it is just taking them a long time with holidays etc. Still, for an author who is anxiously pacing up and down waiting from some feedback it is incredibly frustrating.

I generally do not want to start implementing changes that the two others have suggested, in case the other readers disagree with them and it is not representative of the general opinion. I am waiting for a holistic view first which I think is the most sensible thing to do. However, I have made changes to the suggestions that have made me slap my head in stupidity as to why I never thought of making that change first.

I go on holiday in September, so I guess I will not get the feedback until after I come back now. It is a shame as I wanted to have made the final changes to the book and then begin work on book two when I return. The more time passes the harder it will be to write book two I reckon, so I might just take the plunge and begin work shortly.

I completed a brand new chapter which now gives one character a lot more depth and helps make reference to a plot point that had previously felt a bit contrived. The two friends that have read the whole book, loved the new chapter. Which was a nice bonus.

In the meantime, I have completed work on the short story I mentioned in my last update. It came in at 8,000 words and I’ve submitted it for review via the critters.org website. It will percolate to the top of the queue at the end of August if you are interested in reading it. It is slightly different to my usual stuff. It is called “Desire” and is about a young couple who have lost their sex life and are desperate to get it back before it ruins their relationship. Hope you enjoy it.